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    I'm a hard-working father-of-three and I'm taking my free time from my family after my jobs for making this music. That's a lot of work, and often I want just to rest and watch a movie with my kids instead of songwriting\recording. But when I see people need my music, I keep making it. So your support doesn't make me rich, but it's a strong motivation for me.
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Three Ways 04:09
Three Ways (music & lyrics by CHUR, liner notes and editing by AR) Over the profound seas, the World Tree stands. Falcon-Kin sits on its top. Falcon-Kin has been waiting for His children’s return to Him for two thousand years. There is a stone beyond high mountains. A small path leads to it, then this path forks in three ways. They lead to the World Tree. The first path is hard, it passes through wind-fallen trees, ravines, and mountains. It is the path of hardship and victories. It is the path of warriors. The second path is narrow and stony, it passes through gorges and precipices. One could not surmount it without equilibrium and equanimity. It is the path of wise men. The third path is wide and facile. But ones, who are eager to go this way, need to forget their ancestors. It is pleasant to go this way, but it leads to nothingness. Beyond the high mountains and wide seas The White Oak stands. There is, so high, in the blue sky, The Falcon’s nest. He’s sitting and waiting, not sleeping For two thousand years. He’s looking for his little children When they will appear Beyond the green valleys and dark woods The Great Stone lies It lies at the crossroads Of four sides The first one for coming and others For choosing to go So where will be Mara and Where will be Fathers and Gods? CHORUS: Short, hard and thorny the Way of the Warriors. Narrow and rocky the Way of the Saints. But so broad and so easy the Way to Oblivion For those who rejected The Ways of the Gods
Oldman 03:40
Oldman (music & lyrics by CHUR, liner notes, and editing by AR) A traveler meets a strange old man on the journey. The old man claims that this world belongs to him. If anyone wants to live there, he should render tribute to him… by his soul and conscience. The hero laughs and replies: “I recognized you, Morok, the god of lie and fear! Your speeches are for fools. But it is right that you stand here on the road leading to the Truth, and don’t pass unworthy ones!” One day I met an old man With curly hair and a big mouth He said: "The world is mine So, you have to bow! Die, as you seek the Truth - Or live, but make a vow And now you have to choose - Die or serve me now!" CHORUS: My mother is Earth My shrine is the Forest God is the Sun – high in the sky Freedom’s for the strong Slaves can’t enter Vyriy And I am not afraid to die He said: "You’re unprotected - Your ancient Gods are dead. Play by my rules, enjoy Everything you get! The lad is not a warrior, Fair isn’t a mother anymore! They live to eat and drink - Nothing left to die for!" CHORUS I said to him: "Stop talking, I recognized you, Black God! Go test the people walking this way who’s unworthy! I know you for a long time You’re Keeper of the Truth - I bless you to protect the Knowledge from the fools!" CHORUS
Fight With Me! (music & lyrics by CHUR, liner notes, and editing by AR) In the field, oh, in the valley The white horse is stomping King is ruining the nest of snakes – Smoking and burning They will taste no more The blood of our children They won’t sell anywhere Our daughters and wives From the Black Sea to Northern It’s heard up to the stars: CHORUS: Fight with me! They can’t hide from our sacred anger! Fight with me! Our blood is on their golden coins! Fight with me! Flaming Sun against the Scrolls of Darkness! Fight with me! Let them pray to their Dead God! Once a black snake reached the King And lay on his body She gave birth to Serpent Prince Of the alien blood The Prince took the throne The truth isn’t known: CHORUS On the hill, oh, on the mountain There the lights are burning high Sons of King cry for their father, Sharpen their swords Mother Earth is crying badly From the Kin of Snakes. Good people don’t see the light Spending a life of slaves Equip me, oh, Mother! Where’s my father's armor? CHORUS
Brother Wind 04:56
Brother Wind (music & lyrics by CHUR, liner notes, and editing by AR) The soul of a dying one flies with the smoke of his funeral pyre to the skies. Gods and Ancestors meet him there. His relatives collect the ashes of his burnt body into a little urn and bury it in their field. Or build a small hut and put the urn there. Or send ashes down the river to the Underground Realm. But relatives always keep together and help each other. Indeed, some of them live on the earth, others live in the sky, the third ones live in the ground, and the fourth ones live under the ground. People, Gods, spirits... All of them are Kin. It is a song of the person lying on the funeral pyre. He appeals to people, animals, grasses, the wind, and the river. He asks them to help him to finish another circle of life. Fly, brother Wind, my unstoppable friend! Fly, brother Wind, so high over the clouds! Far the horizon, where Vyriy is shining, Oh, take my dove and bring it there on your wings! Wings of white Are dropping our tears On grasses of light - The dew is salty Flow, sister River, so fast and so clean Into Nava’s World, deep under the ground, Beyond the horizon, where the Black Sun’s shining, Oh, take my raven and show it the right way to fly! Raven wings Are dropping our blood On withered grasses The dew is so red I will go out to the field I’ll see the path of the Old There on the shoulders of Grandma I will see both of my birds So mournful eyes I will look into She won't say a single word Only the way she will show Where everyone’s waiting for me Fly, brother Wind, my unstoppable friend! Fly, brother Wind, so high over the clouds! Up to heaven, where the Sun reigns, The smoke of my fire, oh, carry there! Flow, sister River, so fast and so clean Under the ground to the darkness of roots Beyond the horizon, where the Black Sun’s shining Ashes of sadness, oh, carry there on your palms!
Mara 06:25
Mara (music & lyrics by CHUR, liner notes, and editing by AR) It is a conversation of a dead man with Mara, the Goddess of Death. He asks her: “Did I live in the right way? Did I live defending the interests of my Kin indeed?” Mara replies, that he spent too much time and power fighting against enemies, and as a result, he managed to learn enemy customs and culture thoroughly, and at the same time he gave nothing to the culture of his own nation, and he created nothing for his progeny to be proud of. Why are you, guelder rose, bent so low? Why are you, mother, so sad, may I know? Why is the Sun above me shines by black? Why I walk barefoot and leave no tracks? Mara, Eternal Grandmother, Covered with a black shawl, can you talk to me? Tell me, oh, The Grey, tell me, oh, The Wise, How good I was fighting, how fair I lived? CHORUS: With no hope and no gold With no sword and no light For the Truth or Fraud How well did I fight? Did I pay my price? Did I try to the end? Can I look into the eyes Of the Gods of my land? Mara, you know everything, So, say what is stronger - the Truth or the Lie? The gold in our hands or the light in our hearts? Should I obey or fight and die? CHORUS "Long time ago a glorious warrior fought Against the snake with one hundred heads. When the knight cut off one of them Another two grew instead. Why did you give your soul to your enemies? Why did you sing about them? Where’s your temple? I see only ruins What’s left for your children?" Mara, let me go back! To the bright Sun, to our land! I’ll start to build, I’ll stop to hate! From my first day and till the end! CHORUS


Best songs 2006-2009 total remake EP. The order of the songs makes sense ;-)


released November 9, 2018


all rights reserved



CHUR Ukraine

CHUR is a Ukrainian Folk Metal band with many folk instruments and mostly clean vocals.

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