Oldman (2018)

from by CHUR



Re-recorded, re-arranged, re-mixed and re-mastered English language version of 2005 song. Updated 09.11.2018


(music & lyrics by CHUR, liner notes and editing by AR)

A traveller meets a strange old man in the journey. The old man claims that this world belongs to him. If anyone wants to live there, he should render tribute to him… by his soul and conscience. The hero laughs and replies: “I recognized you, Morok, the Black God of lie and fear! Your speeches are for fools. But it is right that you stand here on the road leading to the Truth, and don’t pass unworthy ones!”

One day I met an old man
With curly hair and a big mouth
He said: "The world is mine
So, you have to bow!

Die, as you seek the Truth -
Or live, but make a vow
And now you have to choose -
Die or serve me now!"

My mother is Earth
My shrine is the Forest
God is the Sun – high in the sky
Freedom’s for the strong
Slaves can’t enter Vyriy
And I am not afraid to die

He said: "You’re unprotected -
Your ancient Gods are dead.
Play by my rules, enjoy
Everything you get!

Hark! Lad is not a warrior,
Fair isn’t a mother anymore!
They live to eat and drink -
Nothing left to die for!"


I said to him: "Stop talking,
I recognized you, Black God!
Go test the people walking
this way who’s unworthy!

I know you for a long time
You’re Keeper of the Truth -
I bless you to protect the
Knowledge from the fools!"



from Oldman (Single), released April 25, 2017


all rights reserved



CHUR Ukraine

CHUR is Folk Metal with many folk instruments, mostly clean vocals, and Pagan mythology-based lyrics.

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